Plan everything in one place. In SocialQueen™ you will create one post, which you will automatically send to all websites ... Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr.


With just one click you can reach everyone. Simple integration with your accounts in Social Media allows you to send content at any scheduled time to all services at once.


In SocialQueen™ you have access to the full history of your publications and statistics. WORK and PREMIUM packages allow for even faster automation. You know when, where and what draws the attention of the recipients.


Data is only yours. We do not share anything with anyone without your knowledge and consent. You can edit or remove access to your services to other users at any time.


Everything in one place from all your services


With SocialQueen™ you have everything under control. You can configure target groups for your posts. Create ads on Facebook and collect data. Check effectiveness and viewership.


With the application, you can choose the best posting time. Promote and check the reach of your ads. Nothing escapes attention. Whether it's the best of your hashtags or audience reactions, you see everything and intuitive previews.


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Browsing and managing many channels in social media can consume a lot of time, and time is money ...

We have created a tool that will help you at work and improve this process. Meet SocialQueen™ - an innovative application for managing the most popular Social Media channels on the Internet.

With SocialQueen™, the integration of your accounts on social networking sites will be as fast and convenient as ever before! You can post posts, photos, and videos simultaneously on multiple channels with just one click! You have access to detailed statistics of views, likes, and shares for all published content; You can manage hashtags, mark your friends and places in posts on Facebook, precisely plan the dates and time of posting, and if necessary - delete all posts in the same content at the same time.

Invite other users to share their social networking sites to provide the opportunity to publish on their behalf, without violating their privacy. Group social media sites shared by others and post the same content to multiple accounts from multiple users. With SocialQueen™, you can also delegate work to selected people, clone published content for editing and republishing, and crop, scale, crop images and video files.

Sign up at SocialQueen™ and see for yourself how much time you can save, because as you know: time is money ...

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Browse and manage multiple channels on social media
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7673#@7673Stworzyliśmy narzędzie, które pomoże Ci w pracy i usprawni ten proces.
Meet SocialQueen ™ - an innovative application for managing the most popular Social Media channels on the Internet.

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