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FREE 15/mth 19% VAT included 50/mth 19% VAT included 500/mth 19% VAT included
5POSTS 20posts 50posts 200posts The maximum daily number of posts
200mb 1gb 1gb 10gb Server space
Facebook - 2
others - 1 each
Facebook - 6
others 3 each
Facebook - 15
others - 5 each
Facebook - 100
others 20 each
The maximum number of integrated accounts for other services
5 / month 100/month without limits without limits Plan posts
1 10 20 100 The maximum number of post templates
until the end of the subscription until the end of the billing period until the end of the billing period until the end of the billing period The maximum post scheduling date
Adding hashtags to posts
Hashtags history
Grouping accounts and sending posts by category
Posts statistics charts
Marking friends on Facebook
Location in the post
Adding users to the account (sharing services)
1 3 5 20 Limit of users (for which you provide services)
Deleting posts with one click
Clone post
Complex statistics
Add photos to the post
10 20 20 20 The maximum number of photos to post on Facebook
Adding names to photos in post on Facebook
Crop images to the selected ratio, cut or fill photos
Manual cropping photos
Adding a video to the post
Trimming and padding video
Video cropping
without limits without limits without limits without limits Media search history
FREE Buy 15/mth 19% VAT included Buy 50/mth 19% VAT included Buy 500/mth 19% VAT included Iphone

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