Resign Conditions

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The right to terminate the contract and a sample contract termination form

a) The right to terminate the contract concerning the contracts entered into at a distance or online

Consumer – i.e. every natural person, who performs legal actions for the purposes which to a considerable extent may not be assigned to its business operations or independent professional activity – may dismiss their statement concerning entering into the contract in the case of paid contracts, when the following conditions are met:

Information on the contract termination

The right to terminate the contract

You have the right to terminate this contract within fourteen days, without stating a reason.

The deadline for contract termination amounts to fourteen days, counting from the date of entering into the contract.
In order to exercise this right, you must notify us ( GmbH, represented by the company manager - Maciej Sagal, Lechwerkstrasse 14, 86462 Langweid am Lech, Phone: + 49 82121 /708 907, E-mail: – using a letter sent by mail, fax or e-mail – about your decision related to the Contract termination. For this purpose, you may use the attached sample contract termination form, however, it is not necessary.

In order to maintain the deadline for termination of the contract, it is enough, before expiration of this term, to send your statement on exercising the right.

Consequences of contract termination

If your terminate the contract, we will refund you all the money which we have received from you, along with the costs of delivery (except for additional costs resulting from your chosen method of delivery, other than the cheapest standard method of delivery proposed by us) and it should take place immediately, and at the latest within 14 days, counting from the date of receipt of your statement on termination of the Contract. Refund of payments is made the same way which was used by you at the primary transaction, unless it was expressly agreed otherwise. Under no circumstances will any fees be charged to you under this refund.

If you have requested for the provision of services to start during the time for contract termination, you have to pay us the respective amount corresponding to the part of services already rendered until the moment when you have informer us on exercising the right to withdraw from this contract in relation to the whole scope of the services covered by the contract.

Early expiration of the right to withdraw from the contract:

The right to terminate the contract shall expire also when we have rendered the service in full, given that we have started rendering the service only after being granted your clear consent therefor with simultaneous confirmation of your acknowledgment that you lose the right to withdraw from the contract at full completion of execution of the contract by us.

b) A sample for contract termination form

Sample contract termination form

(If you want to terminate the contract it is necessary to fill in this form and send it back to us)

-To: GmbH

represented by the company manager - Maciej Sagal

Lechwerkstrasse 14

86462 Langweid am Lech

Phone: +49 82121 / 708 907


-I/we terminate (*)the contract on purchase of the following goods(*)/the contract for the provision of the following services(*), entered into by me /by us(*)

-Ordered on(*), /received on(*),

-Surname of the consumer/consumers

-Address of the consumer/consumers

-Signature of the consumer/consumers (Only in the case of paper document)


(*), Cross out if unnecessary.